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American Mustang Museum

Did you know that the one millionth Mustang was built one year after it was introduced to the car world? Did you know that it took 40 years for Corvette to build one million vehicles? And yet the Corvette has had a museum, and the best selling sports car does not!  That is about to change as Ron Bramlett and Steve Hall, the Executive Event Director and Deputy Event Director for the Mustang 50th Celebration  have teamed up again to correct this obvious omission.

The Mustang Owner's Museum is located in Concord, North Carolina, USA, with a planned opening of April 2018. So if you’re a Mustang enthusiast and are planning a trip to the US in April 2018 or beyond, Concord should be on your itinerary. But why Concord, NC? Because, according to the Mustang Owner's Museum’s press release, “it’s where racing lives". North Carolina is a major automotive destination for auto enthusiasts due to NASCAR, NHRA, and Auto Fair each hosting two events per year. Not to mention all the local NASCAR driver's shops that are also open to the public as well.
The official Grand Opening Ceremony will begin at 9.00am on Thursday, April 19, 2018. To find out more, go to www.mustangownersmuseum.com