JUL 31 2017 All Articles

Road toll for motorcyclists drops

Fewer motorcyclists have been killed on New Zealand roads so far this year than in 2016, the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) says. According to Ministry of Transport statistics, there have been 20 fatalities between January 1 and July 24, 2017. During the same time period last year, 26 people lost their lives and motorcyclists made up 16 per cent of the overall road toll. This has dropped markedly to nine per cent so far this year.

“While we’re happy that the road toll for motorcyclists has dropped, 20 fatalities is still 20 too many,” says MSAC Chair Mark Gilbert, “With less than half the year left to go, we’d like to see the road toll improve even further.”

Motorcyclists make up just three per cent of the vehicles on the road, but cost ACC almost $90 million in 2016.